Natural and basic

I live in a national park and I try to continue to be as natural and basic as possible in whatever I do. For some time now I've been using my bar soap as a deodorant and it seems like it's working out fine - I just rub it under my arms a few times after first using the same soap to wash with. I didn't want to use something with all those chemicals in it anymore and I can save some money too. Of course if the soap you're using has a lot of chemicals in it then you may want to use one that's more natural and or gentler to your skin, like a face soap for example.

Clean all the time

Taking showers or baths on a regular basis and keeping yourself clean all the time is a general rule to follow for good grooming. 
Using a cologne afterwards which may be subtle or overpowering for the desired effect is another step in the process. Speaking of natural men's colognes, O'Douds, Herban Cowboy, and Edens Garden are three top brands worth checking out.
And if a natural body wash is more like it, the coconut-based Puracy or Dr. Bronner's Pure-castile liquid soap will do the job well and won't let you down.

Natural toothpastes and dishwashing liquids

I used toothpaste as a substitute for dishwashing liquid for the first time last night and that got me thinking...don't most of us put toothpaste in our mouths at least once a day and rinse it out? And then thinking further...isn't dishwashing liquid made of similiar ingredients as soap?  So shouldn't we also rinse off our dishes well every time or aren't we going to put more soap in our bodies? Or of course we can use natural toothpastes and dishwashing liquids and have less to worry about and here are some of them: David's Toothpaste, With My Toothpaste, and Earthpaste as well as Puracy Natural Liquid Dish Soap and Attitude Baby Bottle And Dishwashing Liquid.